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Stay Healthy in Cheap Way

I’ve heard it a thousand times, particularly as the icy climate worms in conveying influenza and wheezes with it: Eating solid sustenance is costly.

We as a whole need to help our resistant frameworks and remain sound, however now and again purchasing heaps of vitamins or shopping at select stores for natural, Israeli-developed pomegranates picked from low hanging branches, at dusk, by tanned virgins wearing hand-weaved bind dresses can get as exorbitant as that similarity was outrageous.

I’ve made it clear throughout the most recent couple of months of composing for moneysmart that I don’t know much about back. In any case, what I do know, subsequent to being an understudy for a long time and a battling entertainer for all the rest, is staying nourished on a financial plan. Presently I’m not talking “dreadful” modest, 2-minute noodles and McDonalds; I’m talking solid modest approaches to keep your invulnerable framework working.

Reduced the chilly beverages

The main truth that all beauticians, specialists and mothers will let you know: drink water not pop!

Try not to be tricked by filtered water, it’s not just costly and the same as our faucet water, however it’s terrible for the earth. Soft drinks are likewise high in sugar, which is awful for us on each level. Water keeps us hydrated and assumes a key part in the counteractive action of sickness.

Rooibos, our local winner

For winter you can boil the water up and throw in a rooibos teabag. Rooibos is a cheap option in South Africa, as it’s locally produced. It’s packed with high levels of good things like anti-oxidants so you’ll be helping against flu there too. Don’t be deterred by the ‘red bush’ translation, my people looked into it, and it has nothing to do with gingers. You’re safe!
Though ginger is another great (cheap) immune booster to add to hot water that helps flush out toxins. Just saying: even toxins don’t want anything to do with gingers!

Breakfast of champions

Of course, you want to eat more than just liquids. A great staple is egg for breakfast; eggs are cheap and full of vitamins and protein. Just make sure you get free-range. Justify the slight price increase for reasons of humaneness and quality.

Oats in winter are healthy and cheap too and really warm up a cold morning.
Buying generic store brands is another cheaper option to consider. Often you only pay for the brand name. This sometimes means picking up the less attractive box. But really, who’s looking in your kitchen cupboards? (also, make sure it IS cheaper, sometimes it’s not).

Something fishy

When I was a student, I pretty much lived on tuna and rice- and survived. This is because it’s cheap, can be made pretty tasty with a few spices or a dash of mayo. Tuna contains as much protein as meat, so whilst you might be craving steak, some months it’s just not viable- and your body won’t notice the difference.

Stop buying junk food

Sometimes in life the only joy you get is indulging in a bar of chocolate or jam-filled doughnut. And that’s fine. But buying boxes of biscuits or bags of chips will only inspire ‘bored’ eating, because they offer no nutritional value. If your wallet doesn’t get on its knees to praise your new eating habits your figure certainly will. Nothing turns heads faster than a new body from “I’m too broke to splurge on yum foods” diet.

Seasonal fruit

There’s a theory that nature provides us with what we need when we need it. Sounds pretty hippy, and before you start clapping to save the fairies, think about how many oranges and avocadoes you see in wintertime: vitamin C, omega oils and good fats. What a convenient price too!
Avos drop from R30 for 2 in summer to R4 each in Pick ‘n Pay in winter. I see a happy bank balance and a happy healthiness. It’s been said that “avo is nature’s chocolate” so ditch the junk food and indulge in this winter treat.

Of course, this cooking advice is not going to get me any Naked Chef awards. But it’s winter- too cold for nakedness in the kitchen! The bottom line is, you’re going to splurge from time to time, you’re going to eat out, you’re going to utilise your God-given right to indulge. But during the in-between moments you can cut costs, by bearing some of this in mind.